Wonders of a Wig

Want a makeover without the stress of sitting for hours while the hairdresser is busy braiding/ sewing your hair mercilessly? Try investing in wigs. Wigs which also protect the hair from harsh weather come in a variety of choices in length, colour, styles and even types. The 2 most common type of wigs are the natural and synthetic wigs. If you want to wear the wig on a regular basis, the natural wig which is quite expensive but has unlimited styling options is advisable but the synthetic wig which is less expensive but has limited styling option can be worn for weekend hangouts.

The lacefront wig which was not too recently introduced in braided wigs Nigeria has an undetectable hairline and leaves people wondering whether you are wearing a wig or not, has been in use for sometime abroad notably among singers like Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks, etc. The lacefront wig however can mostly be found in the highrise shops and complexes like the Ikota shopping complex, the Palms shopping mall etc

It is however important not to choose a wig because it looks great on someone else because the shape of the face is an essential factor when choosing the style of wig to wear. Your face shape can be determined by looking a mirror and tracing the outline of your face. A round shaped face should avoid bobs as they make your face look large but go for wigs that make the face look smaller, the square shaped face should avoid fringes, a shoulder length wig will look amazing on a heart shaped face while any style of wig will look amazing on an oval shaped face. So ladies, get your purses out and buy a fabulous wig today!


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