Outside Furniture Clearance Sales

Do you want to know where to get the best deal on patio furniture? You’re not the only one. Lots of people were locked up indoors during the wintertime begin thinking about the warmer months ahead. They begin to get excited about sitting outside with friends and family soaking up the sun or enjoying a relaxed meal alfresco. But as always no one wants to break the bank when purchasing new furnishings for their home. This article will show you when is the best time to find outside furniture clearance sales.

Making sure you get the best discount patio furniture

Whenever you are looking for a good deal on a major purchase, you have to remember to keep a few key elements in mind. Purchasing outside furniture on clearance is no exception. These recommendations are standard, but they are overlooked so frequently, that they bear repeating.


  • Always put quality first. Many times we get so distracted by a low sale price that we lose sight of the fact that this furniture should last us for the next decade or more. Rubbish Removal Service In Solihull There’s no sense in buying cheap patio furniture which will break or rust within a year or two. This is not only a waste of your money, but it is a burden on the environment. So be sure you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Look at total cost. Lots of places online claim to have good prices, but when you get to the shopping cart, you find out that you are being charged for shipping or some other service that had not anticipated. Likewise, a neighborhood store might have a seemingly good outside furniture clearance sale, but then you find out that tax and their delivery fee put you $100 or more over budget.


So when is the best time to find a clearance on outdoor furniture?

The two best times to look for clearance sales are during the off-season. Here in North America that means in the month of September and again in the dead of winter such as January or February. Interestingly enough, the months in between don’t necessarily offer great bargains.

September is good because with the end of the summer season sales outlets are trying to get one last rush of sales before the winter sets in. February generally tends to have the best sales of the year as manufacturers get ready to unveil their new lines for the upcoming season. Therefore they slash prices dramatically to clear out warehouse space.

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