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Gift Baskets of Tools and Treats for Gardeners

There is something about a Gift Set that seems to magnify the fun of receiving it, even more than the direct multiplication of the number of gifts included. I am a book lover and I LOVE getting sets of books… first off, I end up with multiple books, always welcome, and secondly, I don’t have to track down the other books in the series… another good thing.

As a gardener, gift sets have the same allure. In many cases, the tools match — which for a designer like me is pure eye candy. Often, they include tools that I possibly would not have spent my money on — but secretly lusted after. As the icing on the cake, the gift presentation is usually wonderful!

All of these factors work together to make Gift Sets a great idea if you have any gardeners on your Present List.

Find a Pre-Made Gift Set

Here are some suggestions to make sure that any gift sets that you choose are winners.;-)


  • When searching a site for Gardener gift sets, do a general search. I have seen items posted in the Gardening area, which I would expect, as well as the Industrial and Scientific category and even in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category, neither of which makes much sense to me!
  • Check to see whether the item is currently in stock. If you are purchasing for the Holidays, this may be more important as time grows shorter.
  • Check the Shipping options carefully.
  • Check to see if the gift can be sent directly to the recipient.
  • Is gift wrapping is available? If so, is there an extra charge? CBD packaging Do you have a choice of wrapping options? Can you include a personalized message?
  • Read over the product description carefully so that you can be confident of what exactly is being sent.
  • Read of the product reviews, if available. I don’t expect all of the reviews to be glowing, but they usually give me a strong sense of the product quality.
  • Check for any Special Offers or additional Deals.

Tink HINT – If you don’t see anything that you like, click on something that seems close to what you are looking for. Then, on the product page, look to see what other items have been purchased or what similar items have been listed. I have found some real goodies this way, when they didn’t show up in my initial search.

Create Your Own Gift Basket

Now, if you can’t find a give basket that seems quite right, it is VERY easy to create your own. Here are some tips and tricks:

First, start with a dollar limit. Knowing the most you want Cannabis supplies to spend will help you make the decisions needed. I don’t worry about the shipping costs, but depending on your circumstances or where you’ll be shipping the final product, this may be an important issue for you.

Then, I like to decide on a theme that become the primary focus of the gift basket. It could be inspired by a tool or even a book.

Next, I assemble a group of products related to the theme. At this point, I am doing two things at once: juggling the costs and thinking about how I want to wrap and package them.

Looking at the prices of the individual items, am I staying within my preferred budget? If so, wonderful. If not, I start eliminating items.

At the same time, as I am figuring out how many goodies I’m going to include, I decide whether I want to assemble them unwrapped in an attractive container such as a basket, tote bag, or even a planter, or I’ll wrap them and put them in a container, or just wrap them and send them off.

Obviously, if I decide on a pretty container, I need to find one that is large enough to hold all or most of the presents AND include its price in the final tally.

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