Considering a Bathroom Installation

The main focus here is mainly on bathroom installation, particularly on shower or bathtub installation, bathtub enclosure and bathtub surround installation. But before anything else, let us look at some common mistakes and recommended guidelines involved with bathroom installation. Most Common Mistakes and Guidelines for Bathroom Installation There are a […]

Selecting a Car Drying Towel: Not a Simple Choice

The most popular items used to dry cars after a car wash–squeegees, chamois, and terricloth cotton towels–actually damage paint. Particularly on dark-colored cars, you can see fine microscratches in direct sunlight which are the cause of dirty and abrasive wash cloths/mitts and dirty or gritty drying devices. In the past […]

How to Package Cannabis and CBD flower

Gift Baskets of Tools and Treats for Gardeners There is something about a Gift Set that seems to magnify the fun of receiving it, even more than the direct multiplication of the number of gifts included. I am a book lover and I LOVE getting sets of books… first off, […]

Grow Organic? Yes, You Can!

Have you ever gone to the supermarket, looking for fresh produce, and come away frustrated by the pathetic selection that is offered? Have you ever eaten tomatoes that are pale and sickly looking, and have very little flavor, just because they were the only ones available? Are you tired of […]