A Perfect Place to Stay at Disney World – World Quest Resort

We have been to Walt Disney World in Florida numerous times. When my 3 kids were little, we tried the budget-friendly All Sports Hotel, which is a Disney property. The pool was great and we had fun, but the room was incredibly small. Therefore, we knew we could never stay there again. Next trip we tried a Holiday Inn in Kissimmee. Room was slightly bigger, but pretty far away from everything. Was pretty cheap, but kinda creepy. Following year, we tried the Doubletree Suites hotel in Downtown Disney. Bigger room, but that also came with a much bigger price. Plus, it is very crowded around Downtown Disney.

By the next trip, my 3 kids were quite a bit older so I thought I would try broadening my search into rental homes and condos. It was then that I went to Tripadvisor.com and discovered World Quest Resorts. I made my reservation, and crossed my fingers.

When we arrived at World Quest, it was an incredible surprise. The condos are all over 1,000 square feet and contain full kitchens, 2 or 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 or 3 bathrooms and a washer/dryer. Plus, you get all that space at a price less than what you would pay at any cozyturtlerv 3 star hotel in the immediate Disney area. The secret though is to look for the deals. Get on their mailing list and they will send you upcoming specials. We just recently went to World Quest this past February. We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo for just $139/night. World Quest is located right across the street from the more-expensive Nickelodeon hotel, which has much smaller accommodations, and is much noisier. As a matter of fact, while at the pool at World Quest, we talked to many families that started their trip at the Nickelodeon hotel but checked out early to come over to World Quest.

Keep in mind that $139/night is not the standard rate for a 3 bedroom unit. I just took advantage of a special I had received in advance. Also, you also need to tack on the Florida tax, and some other ‘additions’ that World Quest has in the fine print. For instance, you will have to choose which housekeeping plan you would like when you check-in, as that is not included in the price you see on the internet. But, if you read the fine print, you will know the true price ahead of time and not be surprised. I think my $139/night really translated into $155 a night or so. As an aside, Parking, Internet and Breakfast are all free

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