7 Ideas for the Ideal Christmas Gift for the Man in Your Life

We all know how difficult it can be finding the right Christmas gift, and finding them for men is no easy task, not even when you are a man. If you’re finding that you’re struggling this year then worry not, we have 7 Christmas gift ideas that might just get you through those dark and troubled times.

In this article we’re going to have a look at 7 Christmas gift ideas that you may not have thought about. Some of them will seem fairly obvious, and some may sound a little unusual, but different is good.

Christmas gift ideas for men 1: An ‘events’ day.

In a number of countries around the world there are companies that sell gift packages that are based around special events that your man may never get a chance to do otherwise. The event’s can range from jumping out of an airplane (parachute included) to racing one of the latest high performance cars around a closed circuit.

These special events days can be quite expensive – depending on which event it is that you think he would like the most as one of his Christmas gifts – but, considering what’s included in them they are often very good value for money.

Christmas gift ideas for men 2: The naming of a star.

This one is probably a bit more for the romantics out there, but it is one of the slightly more unusual Christmas gifts that you can get.

This will often come as a kit and will have a certificate as well as a map of where your chosen star is, and how to go about getting the star named on a date of your choosing – possibly Christmas Day in this case.

Again, this is a slightly unexpected gift to get someone, but often they’re the best ones to receive.

Christmas gift ideas for men 3: An overseas sponsorship package.

This is a type of Christmas gift that has started to become more popular over recent years, though the idea itself isn’t all that new.

What happens is you buy a ‘virtual present’ for a charity and a card is sent through explaining what you have bought, or sponsored as your Christmas gift for him, as well as some deserving cause. The thing you sponsor can range from buying a whole school pencils through to helping to put a well into a village, and the prices are very reasonable.

So, if your man really cares about his fellow men, and can bear to give up his new Christmas tie for a year, you can get him the kind of custom christmas gifts that keeps on giving.

Christmas gift ideas for men 4: How about getting him a new watch?

Ok, now were on to the slightly less original but still great Christmas gift ideas for men.

Instead of buying a watch that will be worn every day, why not get one that will only be worn on special occasions? This idea also gives you a reason to have those special occasions when he can wear his watch.

Gold watches always make a nice gift, and having it engraved with something that will remind him of you is always a nice personal touch. Gold watches aren’t always as expensive as you might think, and having a look around online to compare the prices is always a sensible thing to do, before deciding which watch you’re going to get.

Christmas gift ideas for men 5: Tools – especially power tools.

No matter how good (or bad) your man may be when it comes to DIY, new tools always go down well, and power tools doubly so.

If you aren’t sure which tools to get, and hints seem to be getting you nowhere, then buying a toolkit is a great idea. If you don’t have a clue which is the best you can ask at the local hardware store, or, as with the watches, do a bit of a search online to see what’s available and who’s selling them at the best price.

One slightly sneaky trick, so don’t tell anyone I told you, is to target the jobs that need the old handyman application and find out what tools are needed for the job; if he doesn’t have them, they’re the ones to buy. Then we both know where he can try them out on Christmas Day.

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